The CHARMAT or “Prosecco Style” Method

The Charmat method (also called the “Italian Method”) of producing sparkling wines is often used in the crafting of Prosecco. We use the same method to create a Prosecco style sparkling cider that is light and fruity and has a lively sparkle that continues to bubble in the glass for 30 mins or more


Apples are mixed to ensure a good blend of Sugar, Tanning and Acid


The apples are scratted to ensure good juice extraction

Primary Fermentation

The juice undergoes primary fermentation for 1-2 months. Depending on style SO2 may be added to kill unwanted bacteria and supress wild yeast. Either natural or cultured yeast can be used

Packing Press

The apple pulp is wrapped in cloths and a stack of “cheeses” pressed to extract the juice


The cider is racked off to a clean tank where it matured for 6 months. The cider undergoes Malolactic fermentation where Malic acid is converted to lactic acid for a smooth taste


The matured cider is moved to a pressure vessel. Sugar and yeast are added and the cider fermented under pressure to create the “Prosecco” style fizz


The cider is filtered through a pressure resistant filter to 0.45 microns


The cider is bottled under pressure to retain the fizz. Sugar is added for taste from Brut to demi-Sec.